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  • AutorenbildJuergen Mairhofer

enGenes shows enhanced -express protein yields at RPP conference

Vienna, Austria: – Recombinant protein specialist manufacturer enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will show successful application of its proprietary enGenes-eXpress technology in significantly improving recombinant protein yields on its return to the recombinant protein production conference RPP10 in Crete.

enGenes is a silver sponsor of the event and attended the previous meeting in Dubrovnik in 2017.

At this year’s meeting, enGenes will present a poster and an oral presentation.

Growth-decoupled recombinant protein production in E. coli

“The RPP meeting is the foremost forum in the field of recombinant protein production bringing together an international cast of leasing players from industry and academia,” commented enGenes Biotech CEO, Dr. Juergen Mairhofer, who will attend the meeting, along with enGenes’s employee Patrick Stargardt, currently working on his PhD thesis.

Patrick Stargardt will deliver an oral presentation on ‘Growth-decoupled recombinant protein production in Escherichia coli’ during the morning session on Day Two of the meeting, focusing on Cell Engineering for Recombinant Protein Production.


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