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  • AutorenbildJuergen Mairhofer

enGenes brings -express technologies to BIO-Europe

Vienna, Austria: – Recombinant protein specialist manufacturer enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will present its latest technologies and service offers at the upcoming BIO-Europe biotechnology partnering conference.

enGenes Biotech, represented by by CEO Juergen Mairhofer, will attend the event at the City Cube Berlin Conference Center. enGenes will use the meeting to highlight their latest technologies and the company’s newly designed service portfolio, designed and structured on modular lines to provide a wide range of realistic options for companies looking to develop cost-effective manufacturing processes for recombinant proteins.

-eXpress applications

“We have attended every BIO-Europe conference since 2014 and find this is an excellent platform for widening and deepening our partnerships within the life sciences community,” said Dr. Mairhofer.

“We look forward to this opportunity to meet existing and potential new clients and to discuss exciting new opportunities to apply our enGenes-eXpress technology to protein production and development,” he added.

The new enGenes service model is focused on the expression of difficult-to-express proteins covering all specific demands along the line from gene to protein., is divided into a series of steps that can be performed either individually or in combination – allowing customers to choose from a menu of the steps actually require, from cloning and vector optimization through to final purification.


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