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  • AutorenbildJuergen Mairhofer

enGenes Biotech brings latest downstream production solutions and COVID-19 antigens to BIO-Europe Digital

Vienna, Austria: – Recombinant proteins specialist CDMO enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will present its latest expression technologies online at the BIO Europe DIGITAL virtual convention later this month.

enGenes will use the event’s advanced networking platforms to discuss latest applications of its enhanced expression yield enGenes-eXpress production platform. It will also highlight its ongoing R&D projects to find partners for further development and present its program to commercialize the premium quality SARS CoV-2 Antigens (Nucleocapsid Protein, Receptor Binding Domain (RBD), Spike Protein, S1+S2) that it is producing for use in serological testing or R&D.

Maintaining support

enGenes is a well-established presence at BIO-Europe events and wished to maintain support for the event despite COVID-19 forcing cancellation of the physical event in Paris.

“We welcome requests from biotech companies of all kinds and sizes via the event’s partneringONE platform to get into discussion about possible collaborations,” said Dr. Mairhofer.

“We welcome new partners for feasibility studies and process development projects that can harness the huge benefits of using enGenes-eXpress technology and our auxiliary know-how for manufacturing of new products as well as progressing further development projects that will tailor our technology to specific needs,” he added.

“We can offer very cost-effective manufacturing solutions with our enGenes-eXpress technology offering protein secretion allowing cost-effective downstream processing from E. coli cell free supernatants. We can also put partners in touch with our dedicated team of experts to discuss our innovative bioconjugation solution that can specifically modify recombinant proteins,” Dr. Mairhofer explained.


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