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  • AutorenbildJuergen Mairhofer

enGenes announce attendance to Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference in Girona, Spain

Girona, Spain: –  enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will attend the Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference from the 17th – 19th October. During the attendance they wish to announce an ongoing ECOnti project for an accelerated, low ecological footprint, manufacturing platform for continuous production of biotechnological products. This project uses -eXcite technology and will be presented as a talk by Dr Natalia Danielewicz and will discuss the subject of microbial processes and their importance in the production of a wide variety of products. They plan to address the challenges to achieving eco-friendly, long-term production of these molecules. Also, discuss why high mutation rates in bacteria currently prevent continuous process control, while large-scale biotechnological plants consume excessive energy and water. The ECOnti project aims to develop a microbial continuous production process integrated into a digital environment. enGenes Biotech’s patented technology separates growth and production phases, enabling long-term cultivation and stability.


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