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  • AutorenbildJuergen Mairhofer

enGenes Biotech’s continuous microbial protein expression and purification

enGenes Biotech is implementing upgrades to its processes and equipment that will allow it to offer continuous recombinant protein purification and expression in Escherichia coli.

This significant upgrade marries enGenes’ patented  -eXpress™ and -eXcite™ platforms for enhanced yield expression and continuous protein expression/purification and production of biomolecules in E.coli with new processes and technologies acquired as results of its lead participation in the Austrian federally funded ECOnti project.

As a result, enGenes is re-integrating all unit operations to accelerate its microbial protein production and protein purification.

Tosoh Octave BIO multi-column chromatography (MCC) system features six independently driven pumps, PEEK tubing and a biocompatible valve block design that allows for the connection of up to eight LC columns to accommodate increasingly intensified upstream titers.


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